• Corina Richards

Welcome to Macska Designs!

Welcome to Macska Designs! I'm Corina and I love attentive craftsmanship, and empowerment through design. Thanks so much for following! You're likely a fellow artist, art enthusiast, small business owner, community member, or good ole Texan. Thank you for supporting a local artisan! 2015 was a big year for me. I graduated with my BFA and K-12 art certification, completed my artist residency in Budapest, Hungary, began my career as an art teacher in the sweetest school district in Texas, and worked freelance design on the side. My passion for design only continues to grow. As an artist and small business owner, I am excited to reach out and help you create a brand that better sculpts your business identity. Let's work together! Here on Instagram we'll travel through Texas, meet other small businesses, delve into design projects, create art, and build a more beautiful community. -C

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