• Corina Richards

Digitize Your Doodle

“Digitize Your Doodle” is finally live on my website and open for orders! Do you have a doodle you’ve been wanting to transform and bring to life on a digital platform? Maybe you’ve got a tiny artist at home who would love to see their doodles polished into a professional digital drawing? Then “Digitize Your Doodle” is for you! Email me a photo of your doodle and I will digitally redraw it for you. Once I’m finished you will receive the digital file to print or post it as you wish. . Thank you @thefeelsoulgoodsister for trusting me with your artwork! I’ve had the privilege of working with @thefeelsoulgoodsister to digitize a series of doodles she created for friends that celebrate heritage. Now that they’re digital she can reprint them as stickers or cards for more of her friends and family. . Do you have a doodler in your life? Swipe left to see the steps of submitting a doodle to Macska Designs to be digitally rendered. . Are you ready to order? Click the link “Digitize” or go ahead and send me an email at hello@macskadesigns.com

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