• Corina Richards

Career Day in Tucson

Shout out to the coolest middle school teacher in Tucson 👩🏻‍🏫 My gal pal @lucybee007 invited me to come speak with her students last Friday for her school’s Career Day. It was such an honor to chat with the 6th and 7th graders about starting a business and more importantly about using my art/design skills in my freelance career. I enjoyed hearing their feedback about the different services Macska Designs offers and to share how I use multiple digital platforms to create my work. I even got to meet a couple of aspiring artists in each session and see some of their artwork.

. This was such a special treat for me. As a former full-time art teacher, it meant so much to step foot in a classroom again and feel the academic energy. I loved teaching all of my kiddos at Keeley Elementary and enjoyed being in Melinda’s classroom with her students. Her creative space was so inspiring! . Thanks again Melinda for the opportunity to give back to our community.

If you're interested in having Macska Designs come and speak with your classroom send us an email.

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