• Corina Richards

Facebook Frame Friday

I love #flashbackfridays because it gives me an opportunity to post previous projects that were so fun to work on! Also it gives me a second chance to feature these neat projects on some of my social media spaces that didn't get to see them due to my scheduling.

Consistent marketing is the key - in color scheme, logo design, font color and media usage. We’re grateful we could be part of the design process and marketing for Dignified Changes. We especially love seeing our frame adorn profile photos of families and friends who support the cause.

We were so excited for the successes made at the capitol that day by members of the Accessible Changing Places for AZ Advocacy Group. The bill HB2529, for which our hashtag #DignifiedChanges supports, passed committee UNANIMOUSLY 💙 Now the bill got to go STRAIGHT to the House floor, for ALL House representatives to vote on, instead of holding it on calendar. Proud to see our little group making noise and our message of #DignifiedChanges stretching across social media and Arizona.

Check out how our facebook frame was used by multiple individuals to spread awareness. It is a simple design and I can help you create on for $40 per frame. This frame can then be used by your group as often as you like and for as long as you need. Send me an email so I can get a Facebook frame started for you!

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