• Corina Richards

Inktober 2019 with Macska Designs

I decided to fully commit to completing Inktober this year with a challenge full of prompts that I was interested in drawing. The focus was drawing florals. You can still download the challenge from my website (click link in bio) and practice any time of the year. Watch the video to see a time lapse of each floral I drew throughout the month of October. The last day I decided to combine all of the flowers together. Enjoy! #macskadesignsINKtober

This slideshow video shows you a STILL SHOTS of all 30 flowers I drew for the month of October, with the 31st day being a combination of all the flowers.

This second video shows you the TIME LAPSE VIDEO for EACH FLOWER that I drew for my INKtober 2019 Challenge. It's amazing what we can do when we challenge ourselves. I still can't believe that I had time to draw all of these beautiful flowers.

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