• Corina Richards

Thunderstorm in the Desert

How about that beautiful storm early this morning?! It was wonderful hearing the rumble of thunder and the pitter-patter of rain! It reminded me of monsoon season and an excerpt from our published eBook #thebluejewelbook .

“Cal relaxed into the hum of the siblings as they chatted along the way. He was glad to have some noise in the silent desert. The monsoon rains had passed, leaving the earth smelling fresh and the air sticky. Cold desert winds ripped through the valley as they walked. The dirt was soft as Cal stepped, trying to avoid patches where the ground was still soggy.” . The desert is a whole new world after a good rainfall. I think Cal would agree. 🌵 #macskadesignsdesert . Have you snagged your #ebook copy of “The Blue Jewel: A Riveting Space Opera?” It’s available for FREE to all Kindle Unlimited readers. This sneak peek excerpt is from Chapter 9 and that little chapter illustration gives you a clue about what encounters Cal and his friends will face! Click the Amazon link to find out more! .

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